Thursday, February 9, 2023


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Care To Ceilidh?

There is a whole world out there that you are not aware of: the one of highland and Irish dancing available at Ceilidh Dance Studio Mackay.

Some might be familiar with the jig or stepdance where an Irish dancer, clothed in ornate, shimmering outfits, hops athletically to the fiddle with arms pinned to their sides, legs working.

But many will not know its variants or relatives, the Celtic forms distinct from each other like the Scottish highland dance where arms are raised, or the old style, or the reel, the slip jig, light jig.

At Ceilidh Dance Studio, students can learn the ways of these traditional dances, taking home with them the benefits of being taught the art of physical excellence, competitive spirit, stamina, and strength – forming lifelong friendships while they do it.

The Mackay studio is offering its first two lessons free. Come along to the Mackay Sports Expo this weekend to find out more about the world of Ceilidh.

Image: What is a Ceilidh (pronounced ˈkeɪli)? There’s no place better to find that out than Ceilidh Dance Studio Mackay

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