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Caution: This Show Definitely Contains Nuts

Puppetry Of The Penis Graces Airlie Beach Hotel Stage

The capes are being donned once again, with the original and Australian leg of Puppetry of the Penis hitting the Airlie Beach Hotel Stage for one last show.

Stemming from a simple past time of a young boy playing with his bits into a full-blown live comedic performance, Puppetry of the Penis offers a unique insight into the male anatomy, giving the audience a hilarious and adrenaline pumping display of grown men showcasing their genital origami live on stage.

Puppetry of the Penis is the brainchild of Justin Morely, who now produces the performances from backstage.

Since its early days in 1998 till now, Puppetry of the Penis has shocked and awed audiences across the globe.

Justin has since hung up his cape but continues to produce and promote the show internationally.

“The show is fantastic; it’s so funny, it really gets the belly laugh out of the audience,” Justin explained.

“People laugh like it’s the funniest joke they’ve ever heard. Comedians that I’ve spoken say they’ve never had people laugh as hard as they have at Puppetry of the Penis.”

Performing all their greatest bits, this will be one of the last chances to see Puppetry of the Penis in Australia with some of the original cast.

One of the two first Puppeteers is David, ‘Friendy’, Friend, who is eager visit Airlie Beach and get some “warm weather on my genitals”.

“I’m getting my cape out of storage and dusting off the equipment,” he explained.

“Nacho and I know what we’re doing and are ready to give the genital origami lovers of Airlie Beach a show.”

His Puppeteer co-host is Greg, ‘Nacho’, Chivers, a seasoned performer of the show.

Nacho joined the roster in 2007, after hearing a radio callout advertising the position.

“It was a beautiful, organic transition,” he explained.

Having been already doing bits at hen’s nights and private parties, it was a seamless transition.

“It just grew from there – not literally! And now I’m dusting off the cobwebs and getting ready for the resurrected show.”

While he will be performing some of the classics, “Grandmaster Friendy” also has some of the newer bits up his sleeve.

Nacho’s favourite part of the show is seeing the smiles of people unable to stop laughing.

“The laughter is amazing, and seeing generations of women sharing laughter is fantastic.

“To have a giggle with your mother, and grandmother, your daughter, it’s so healthy and amazing.

“It’s put the show into a whole new light for me.”

According to Nacho, the “understated charm” of the show is what has people coming back for more.

From memory, the last time Puppetry of the Penis had been in Airlie Beach was on the first leg of their 1998 Australian tour, and Nacho and Friendy are revving to go.

“The show will be our greatest bits, with all the best classics,” Friendy said.

“It’s always funny to laugh at some genitals.

“Plenty of people want to see genitals, so we’re ready.”

Over the years, these boys and their family jewels have seen a lot and been through more than most, with Friendy even sustaining damage to his package, after plopping himself down on a lady’s lap during one show and not realising she had a corkscrew in her pocket.

After a brief stint of bedrest and taking it easy, Friendy was back at the show, and none was the wiser about the indescribable trauma.

For the Airlie Beach Hotel show, Nacho and Friendy will also be hosting Dick Trick University, welcoming anyone up on stage to learn how to perform the Hamburger, and showcase their new skill to an excited audience.

“So, get ready Airlie Beach, loosen those belts and show the audience what you’ve got,” Friendy laughed.

“We’re looking at training the next generation,” Nacho said.

With Airlie Beach warming up, Nacho and Friendy are ready to perform.

“The weather’s a bit cool in Melbourne, the shows are always a bit shorter in winter,” Friendy said.

WHAT: Puppetry of the Penis: Res-Erected

WHERE: The Pub, Airlie Beach Hotel

WHEN: Wednesday, October 18, from 7pm


Creators of Puppetry of the Penis David Friend and Simon Morely launched the performance in 1998

Having seen a massive success, the performance has travelled internationally

Celebrating all things penis and male genitalia, Puppetry of the Penis has shocked and surprised audiences across the globe

Supporting his infamous moustache, David Friend is ready to bare all for Airlie Beach

Through some unfortunate genital origami, the infamous Puppeteers are hard workers, and the show must go on. Photos supplied

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