Thursday, May 30, 2024


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Celebrate The Power Of Poetry At The Whitsundays Writers Festival

Anticipation grows as the Whitsundays Writers Festival prepares to unveil its Heart Awards Poetry Prize, celebrating the vibrant soul of poetry within the literary community.

Submissions are open until May 31st, offering poets the chance to contest for the esteemed Heart Award Poetry Prize, accompanied by a significant cash prize.

Poetry enthusiasts at the Festival are also encouraged to showcase their lyrical prowess at a special ‘karaoke style’ event on Friday 6 September, where attendees can step up to the mic and share their verses in an intimate and supportive atmosphere.

Poetry stands as an inclusive avenue for artistic expression, welcoming both seasoned poets and aspiring wordsmiths to participate in this celebration of verse and voice.

“We are delighted to provide a platform for poets to share their work and connect with fellow lovers of language,” says Festival President, Karen Jacobsen.

“The Heart Awards’ Poetry Prize and our Friday poetry event embody the spirit of creativity and community that defines the Whitsundays Writers Festival.”

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this vibrant literary event! Submit your poetry for the Heart Awards by May 31st and mark your calendars for the special poetry event to be held from 5:30pm Friday 6 September during the Whitsundays Writers Festival.

Also closing on Friday 31 May are submissions for the Heart Awards’ Short Story (adult and under 18 divisions) and Early Bird Festival tickets.

About the Festival: The Whitsundays Writers Festival is a premier literary event dedicated to fostering creativity, dialogue, and appreciation for the written word. Bringing together acclaimed authors, aspiring writers, and avid readers, the festival celebrates the diverse tapestry of storytelling while showcasing the natural beauty of the Whitsundays region.

The festival, spanning three days from Friday, September 6, to Sunday, September 8, 2024, will also feature the prestigious Whitsundays Literary Heart Awards to provide well-deserved recognition and financial rewards to talented writers for best unpublished manuscript, short story, poetry, and book design.

WHAT: Whitsunday Writers Festival
WHEN: September 6-8


In the heart of the Whitsundays, where poets’ dreams take flight,
The Writers Festival calls, under the starry night.
Announcing the Heart Awards, where poetry reigns supreme,
Submit your verses by May’s end, fulfill your poet’s dream.

A prize awaits the chosen one, a treasure rich and grand,
For words that dance like fireflies, across the golden sand.
But wait, there’s more! A special night, a poetry soiree,
Where open mics and whispered rhymes, steal the show away.

Come one, come all, to share your heart, your soul, your verse,
In the embrace of kindred spirits, let your words disperse.
For in the Whitsundays’ gentle breeze, where dreams take to the air,
The poets gather, hand in hand, a symphony of flair.

So mark your calendars, dear friends, and heed the poet’s call,
To the Whitsundays Writers Festival, where inspiration thralls.
Submit your poems, join the fray, let your spirit free,
For in the heart of poetry, lies the essence of eternity.

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