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Celebrating Extraordinary Women Meet The JSP Women’s Awards 2024 Nominees

Get ready to applaud and celebrate the exceptional achievements of women in the greater Mackay region as the Just Saying Project (JSP) Women’s Awards 2024 unveils its nominees.

This annual event transcends mere awards, transforming into a vibrant celebration of resilience, triumphs, and inspiration. The awards gala, penned for March 2 at the MECC, promises to showcase diverse narratives, spotlighting the inspiring stories, challenges overcome, and successes achieved by the women shaping the region.

Embracing the diverse tapestry of narratives, this event is a celebration of empowerment and recognition, a platform where stories of determination, leadership, and sheer resilience take centre stage.

JSP Women’s Awards 2024 proudly presents an extraordinary guest speaker, Claire Christian, a multifaceted artist celebrated for her novels and vibrant storytelling.

Don't miss this opportunity to celebrate the incredible achievements of these remarkable women. Tickets are on sale now:

Magic Muse

Autumn Skuthorpe

Lauren Heitman

Amanda Wright

Tanell Thomsett

Karen Jacobsen

Annie Collins

Kyra Geoghegan

Cody-Maree Allsop

Lauren Costello

Courtney Maree

Victoria Brooke

Samantha Munt

Brianna Brett

Sarah Brown

Georgia Knoll

Deanne Woods

Anna Dutton

Fiona Kroll

Kylie Ferriday

Bianca Dixon

Cheryl Peppin

Health & Wellbeing Warrior

Dr Sarah McLay was the Health and Wellbeing Warrior for 2023

Ally Cashen

Charlotte Heller

Lauren Heitman

Lauren Neil

Erin Safe

Helen Costello

Dr Ritu Rana

Tegan Iakimo

Belinda Patroni

Sandie Kelly

Sonetta Fewquandie

Rachael Dixon

Simone Baker

Melissa Ferrier

Cheryl McCosh

Dr Elissa Hatherly

Bianca Marek

Natalie Regan

Saril Jurczyluk

Barb Hill

Michelle Copley

Hayley Warner

Amanda Shipp

Selina Wright

Tegan Faust

Danielle Edwards

Woman Who Breaks The Mould

Nicole McDonell

Venita Mooney

Adrienne Bradshaw

Leanne Dennien

Trisha Armstrong

Tracey Doyle

Natasha Mills

Kylee Clarke

Grace Brucia

Kim Smart

Inge Hilhorst

Sari Jurczyluk

Ann Hand

Kimberly Bailey

Lauren Costello

Annie Collins

Jody Euler

Sue McPherson

Kirsty Head

Kym Sweeney

Nic Archer

Nicole Laffin

Abby-Jane Walsh

Shirlz Russell

Marion Healy

Deb Allan

Stacey Raymond

Resilient Rebel

Sonya Oliver Scoble was the Resilient Rebel for 2023

Hayley Crofts

Betty Dugue

Denise Phillips

Alison Jones

Leah McLean

Lucy Garland

Maree Sturdy

Sharon Schoneveld

Lauren Costello

Tyla Baldock

Adrienne Bradshaw

Teharnee Peel

Rennee Beard

Jules Thompson

Bridgeen Doherty

Deb Rae

Tracey Victor

Gemma Taylor

Tegan Christensen

Mother Of All Mothers

Danielle Jesser was the Mother of all Mothers for 2023

Sarah Hooper

Hannah Graham

Maree Sturdy

Sari Jurczyluk

Larissa Simonsen

Tanell Tomsett

Brooke Lee Hargrave

Yvette Jeffs

Marnie Louise

Julie Nielsen

Corrisa Ivory

Shea Ward

Kellie Adams

Colleen Lawrie

Scarlett Baillie

The Equaliser

David Camilleri

Anthony Edwards

Jason Peoples

Phillip Hubner

Robert Coco

Jarrid Brown

Barry Scoble

Nick Bennett

Jay Shipston

The Rising Star

Alivia Bujeja

Montanah Kynaston

Jorja Jurczyluk

Keely Hubner

Codie Ebner

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