Thursday, February 1, 2024


Mackay and Whitsunday Life

Chamber Chat With Allan Milostic, President of Whitsunday Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Despite some interesting reporting and forecasting, the Whitsundays is still open for business and has not been blown away or drowned in a rain bomb!

In late December we prepared for Tropical Cyclone Jasper. Last week, our focus turned to figuring out and preparing for what eventually became Tropical Cycle Kirrily. The Whitsundays fared well on both occasions, considering what might have been.

Both events reinforced the need and importance of staying vigilant, being well-informed, and calmly prepared for emergencies. We have posted details of free resources available to businesses on our website.

In times of natural disasters and emergencies, business insurance becomes an essential service and often a complex one.

Businesses need affordable and attainable insurance to operate freely, borrow money, employ staff, and comply with their statutory obligations.

To this end, the Chamber has lent its support to a 2024-25 Federal Budget Submission developed by the Townsville Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with a number of Northern Queensland Chambers. The submission offers four recommendations that aims to create parity in the insurance market for Northern Australia. We look forward to sharing the submission in full in due course.

As come to the end of January the Chamber looks forward getting stuck into 2024!

A wise business partner passed on some thoughts I would like to share when considering business aspirations for the new year.

Are you counting the minutes you work ….. or the impact of those minutes? Are your business metrics reflecting and measuring genuine progress…or just numbers to make you feel good? Is your business success measured in the steps you take or the destinations those steps take you.

We all often count the wrong things. Long hours don’t always mean productivity. Having lots of meetings is not as effective or productive as fewer well-structured meetings. Counting short-term gains can sacrifice the seeds of future growth - sustainable success is a marathon, not a sprint. Counting and slavishly following KPIs can lead to tunnel vision and neglect of qualitative factors like…Customer experience, employee well-being, and the bigger picture.

Quality over quantity. Work smarter not harder. Good advice for us all.

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