Thursday, February 22, 2024


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Holy cow – blink and it is the end of February! 2024 is charging ahead! Have you settled in and hitting your stride? Or are you still trying to get a handle on the year?

An essential quality for everyone in business is endurance – from starting a new business, having big goals to achieve, or just your to do list. Endurance in businesses means owners, operators, and their teams have the willingness to stick it out and the ability to work through challenges productively. Like any endurance athlete, businesses need to work on their strengths, fitness, and resilience to be the best and on top of their game. Looking after you and your team’s physical and psychological health is a great starting point for endurance building. While the year might be moving quickly for some, we have many months ahead. 

Just in case you missed it, the Whitsunday Regional Council election campaign is on.

The Chamber congratulates all Mayoral and Councillor candidates for stepping forward and their commitment to serving our community. As in the past, the Chamber will once again provide our members the opportunity to meet the mayoral candidates to explore specific issues relating to business, industry, and economic development. Event details are available on our website. This will be a member only event – focussed on business and economic issues specifically relating to local business and industry.

Post-election, the Chamber looks forward to briefing our newly elected representatives on our Ten Point Advocacy Plan. The purpose of the Chamber’s advocacy plan is to reflect and clearly articulate the major issues of shared aspiration and concern for the Whitsunday business community as a way of influencing decisions across all levels of government.

With Allan Milostic, President, Whitsunday Chamber of Commerce & Industry

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