Thursday, November 30, 2023


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Champions' Showcase For Marian Ladies

The Marian Ladies Bowling Club concluded its year of spirited competition with a flourish, celebrating champions across various categories.

With tremendous teamwork, the quartet consisting of Laurel Morrow, Lyn Jackson, Judith Miller, and Doris Fry emerged victorious in the 4's category.

Meanwhile, the Triples title was clinched by the formidable team comprising Gwen Harberger, Joan Vickers, and Fay Erickson, demonstrating their stellar coordination and strategic play.

The Pairs category witnessed a thrilling display as Judith Miller and Lyn Jackson triumphed, while the Singles category saw Helen Pietzner securing the top spot, with Lyn Jackson as the runner-up.

Fours winners: Laurel Morrow, Lyn Jackson, Judith Miller, Doris Fry

Triples winners: Gwen Harberger, Joan Vickers, Fay Erickson

Pairs winners: Judith Miller and Lyn Jackson

Singles: winner Helen Pietzner with runner up Lyn Jackson

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