Thursday, August 24, 2023


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Christian Voice

Each week, there are miners, part time teachers, engineers, mums, speech pathologists, Church Leaders, GP’s, and part time chaplains who all volunteer their time to deliver Christian Religious Instruction to our local state schools – a 30-minute lesson where children can explore faith and values.

Then we have our biggest group of volunteers, our amazing retirees (with a lot of past teachers and teacher aides) who bring a lifetime's worth of experiences and seasoned lessons of faith through the approved program.

They become valued Grandparent figures in the life of a school, bringing a highly valued multi-generational element to the children’s educational experience.  

The majority of parents in our region have decided to access the program for their children, realising the importance of a holistic education.  

However, in order to continue to meet the demand, we need more instructors!!

Could this be something that you may be willing to do?  

Do you have faith in Jesus, regularly attend a church and would be willing to do the training?  

Or would you be able to allow the program to move forward?  

There are many different ways to support the Christian RI program – please contact me at or visit if you would like to instruct or find out how you can support Christian RI in Mackay and surrounds!

Jay-ellen Wright

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