Thursday, December 14, 2023


Mackay and Whitsunday Life

Christmas Spirit At Bridge

The Mackay Contract Bridge Club held its annual Christmas Party last Saturday. A delicious meal was catered by our own Janelle Conroy and her many helpers, with everyone enjoying the meats, salads, desserts and morning tea. Bridge was played by 63 members and partners, with merriment and fun had by all. Director Geoff Taylor made the Christmas Pudding and Christmas Cake, not only a Congress Director, teacher and mentor to many, a man of many talents. Raffle winners went home with a selection of goodies, donated by members. Merry Christmas to all!

Weekly Results

Monday 4 December 2023 – 6 Table Mitchell Green Points

1st Monica Darley / Nancy Martin 1st Victor Mason / Antonia Tarradas

2nd Helen Van Den Broek / Jan Harris 2nd Lorna Shuttlewood / Faye Wright

3rd Janine Rodgers / Richard Wix 3rd Margaret Lane / Barbara Tait

Tuesday Evening 5 December 2023 – 5 Table One Winner Green Points

1st Nancy Wix / Janine Rodgers 1st Sandra Morris / Diane Morgan

3rd Janelle Conroy / Eric Lievesley 4th Faye Wright / Diane Cox

Wednesday 6 December 2023 –8 Table Mitchell Green Points


1st Janelle Conroy / Noel Bugeia 1st Debra Goodchild/ Ming Ting

2nd Joy Brunette / Don Poole 2nd Janet Hansen / Alan Brown

3rd David Ting / Eric Goodchild 3rd Monica Darley / Kath Poole

Thursday 7 December

1st Janelle Conroy / Janine Rodgers 2nd Jan Harris / Susan Ross

3rd Richard Wix / Geoff Taylor 4th Mick King / Patricia Garner

Friday 8 December 2023 – 10 Table Mitchell Green Points


1st Joy Robinson / Geoff Taylor 1st Lorna Shuttlewood / Debra Goodchild

2nd Terrence Sheedy / Noel Bugeia 2nd Janine Rodgers / Richard Wix

3rd Nancy Martin / Kath Poole 3rd Susan Wright / Geoffrey Patterson

Saturday 9 December 2023 – 9 Table Mitchell Green Points

N/S Section A


1st Janelle Conroy / Robert Carless 1st Julie O’Neill / Terrence Sheedy

2nd Errol Morris / Sandra Morris 2nd Ann Whitmore / Patricia Garner

3rd Eric Leivesley / Griff Bancroft 3rd Vicki Howard / Susan Ross


Section B


1st Janet Hansen / Diane Morgan 1st Frances Brown / Alan Brown

2nd Ming Ting / David Ting 2nd Lorna Shuttlewood / Julie O’Neill

3rd Pamela Finger / Noel Bugeia 3rd Christine Nice / Faye Wright

Contributed by Joy Block

Janelle Conroy, Robert, Julie and Terry

Geoff Taylor and his Christmas pudding

Janice, Cheryl and Clare enjoying a game

Janet Hansen and friends partaking in lunch

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