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‘Collision Of Worlds’ Is Legendary Louie Lee Feltrin As Robbie Williams

The superstars continue taking centre-stage at the Airlie Beach Hotel, with the one and only Louie Lee Feltrin, also known as one of the best and most authentic Robbie Williams tribute performances.

And in an exciting event, the Airlie Beach Hotel is setting us up for a Friday night of fantastic entertainment, with a special evening show.

Louie has been perfecting his craft for years, stepping off the back of an unlikely start with the 2005 Channel 9 hit show ‘Starstruck’, a show dedicated to celebrity lookalikes who are transformed into the original singer and perform tributes to a panel of judges.

Now almost 20 years on, Louie has continued to follow Robbie’s path to stardom.

“It’s just steamrolled. I didn’t think I looked like Robbie, but I thought ‘I’ll give it a go’ and now here I am!” Louie explained.

In fact, it could be said that Louie is a bit too committed to the show.

“More like over committed,” he said.

“I work on it a lot, and even my tattoos are very similar. I used to get them painted on, but that was costing too much, so I just got very similar tattoos done.”

No stranger to the Airlie Beach scene, Louie is hoping for a huge crowd to rock out the best tunes of Robbie.

The Airlie Beach Hotel will be running rampant, with us having ‘No Regrets’, singing along to the best tunes and Louie’s smooth vocals.

And he doesn’t shy away from the tribute scene:

“The more you drink, the more I look like the real Robbie!”

While Robbie is quite tall and handsome, and Louie is self-reportedly not, the Robbie Williams experience is one for everyone, with the tunes and lights sure to convince you that the real Robbie Williams in performing on stage.

“It’s all the hits, to make a fun night. We make sure our show is just like if you were to see Robbie Williams live. He makes the show an experience, and so do we.

“We want people to walk away wondering if they actually just saw Robbie Williams performing or if it was just me.”

The audience will be taken on a journey, with ‘Angels’ to be the biggest highlight of the evening.

And don’t worry superfans, ‘Angels’ is permenantly on the set list, because “If I don’t play it, I get bashed.”

This is one show to check out at the Airlie Beach Hotel this September.

WHAT: The Robbie Williams Experience Friday Night Special

WHERE: The Pub, Airlie Beach Hotel

WHEN: Friday September 8, 7pm to 10pm

WHAT: The Robbie Williams Experience

WHERE: The Pub, Airlie Beach Hotel

WHEN: Saturday September 9, 2pm to 5.30pm

Louie Lee Feltrin with his Angels, readying for the Airlie Beach Hotel night of nights

With almost 20 years of Robbie Williams experience, this is not the show to miss

Prepare to be amazed at Louie’s dedication and charisma, embodying Robbie Williams

The Airlie Beach Hotel is ready to shine. Photos supplied

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