Thursday, October 26, 2023


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Community Kindness Saves Holiday

For one visiting family, Airlie Beach was a calling card of fun and excitement.

And for single mum of two, Mandee, that’s exactly how her holidays unfolded thanks to the kindness of strangers.

The story began when Mandee was travelling in a taxi, headed towards the ferry with her children ahead of their much anticipated holiday to Daydream Island, and she suddenly realised that she’d misplaced her card.

Panicked, Mandee asked the driver to turn around so she could see if the missing card was in the last place she’d visited.

Pulling up at the Vinnies carpark, the driver kindly waited in the carpark allowing Mandee ample time to rush into the store.

Fortunately, a kind gentleman had discovered her keycard and handed it to the ladies at Vinnies, to safeguard.

Mandee gratefully placed the card back in her purse, relieved to be able to continue on her holiday with funds enough to enjoy every minute.

Turning to Facebook later that day, Mandee expressed her gratitude to the pair of strangers.

“Thank you to the man who handed in my keycard to Vinnies at Cannonvale,” Mandee’s post said.

“You saved my holiday. I am a single Mum with 2 small children and without my card I would have had a hard time and stressed the rest of my holiday.

“And also to the beautiful taxi driver who went out of her way to turn around and give me time to walk in and look for my card. You are a ray of sunshine. Thank you so much.”

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