Thursday, March 2, 2023


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Community Litter Audits – Get Involved!

Discovering what type of litter is polluting our marine environment is an important part of the process of analysing our waste habits and learning how to change them.

Instead of collecting litter in the form of marine debris swept up onto the beach, The Coral Sea Academy has been working with Healthy Rivers to Reef Partnership (HR2RP) to create an innovative plan to collect litter before it gets into the ocean.

Just over a year ago 15 litter traps were installed in Airlie Beach, Proserpine and Cannonvale as part of the Whitsunday Gross Pollutant Trap Project.

Since then, more than 8000 pieces of litter have been collected, sorted, and details entered into the Australian Marine Debris Initiative (AMDI) Database.

This valuable data is then used to assist with ongoing research and used to help guide source reduction programs.

Organisers are now calling out for volunteers to complete the final few audits.

“Many hands really do make light work, so we encouraged anyone who has a couple of hours to spare to come down and give it a go,” said HR2RP Community Engagement Officer Rebekah Smith.

“The information we gather from the community litter audits will help inform plans to reduce litter in the first place so it’s a great way to get involved and keep our region’s waterways healthy.”

This is just one of the EduTourism events offered through the Coral Sea Academy platform at Coral Sea Marina and Joscelyn O’Keefe, Head of Marketing and Business Development at Coral Sea Marina said that this project is a great way to help the local environment.

“The purpose of the Coral Sea Academy is to provide the opportunity for events such as these to engage with guests on themes that are relevant to the Whitsundays, such as protecting the natural assets that surround us,” she said.

“These community litter audits are certainly a great way in which any individual can help towards this goal.”

Volunteer a few hours of your time to sort litter and provide valuable information

Sort litter with a stunning view of the marine environment you are helping to protect

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