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“Confidence Is Your Best Accessory”

Image 1: Emersen Lamb’s evening wear for the Miss Diamond Finals in Brisbane

Image 2: Emersen won Miss Junior Teen Diamond International 2022 and five other awards. Photos supplied

Miss and Mr Diamond is more than just a beauty pageant.

It’s a program for men and women across the world from different walks of life, celebrating inclusivity and diversity and giving contestants the opportunity to raise awareness and funds for any charity of their choice.

Emersen Lamb came across the program last December, entered and, almost 12 months later, was crowned Miss Junior Teen Diamond International 2022.

“Looking back, I’m so glad I did,” Emersen said.

“Miss Diamond has changed my life and opened my eyes to a whole new world.

“I want to empower girls around the world to take action and chase their dreams.

“Confidence is your best accessory.”

Emersen travelled to Brisbane for the Miss Diamond finals held from November 18 to 20, participating in a boot camp, boat party, picnic in the park, photoshoot, gala dinner and the big night on Sunday night where she was crowned Miss Junior Teen Diamond International.

She was also awarded five other awards including Miss Diamond Social Media Queen, Pageant Planet People’s Choice Award Winner, Miss Diamond Runway Queen, Miss Diamond Congeniality and Miss Diamond Charity Queen.

While Emersen’s campaign was a fruitful one, she says the experience and the friendships she made were the ultimate incentive.

“I made so many new friendships that I will forever hold close to my heart,” she said.

“It was just one big family, it felt like you’d known everyone forever because everyone’s just so nice there.

“My experience at Miss Diamond is unforgettable, it has changed my life.”

Throughout Emersen’s campaign, she advocated for her chosen charity Broken Ballerina Inc., raising $2,000 for the charity that assists and supports victims of domestic violence.

“Broken Ballerina is an amazing charity,” said Emersen.

“They give back to people who are going through hard times in their life.

“I’ve met Jules (Thompson, Founder) and I’ve seen how many amazing things she does.

“She goes and supports them in court, she gives them money to buy groceries, she helps out the families, and I’m so happy that I chose to advocate for this charity.”

Emersen will hold the title of Miss Junior Teen Diamond International for the next 12 months before returning next year to crown the new winner.

“While in my reign, I will continuously advocate for my charity,” she said.

“It’s pretty much doing the same thing as you were as a finalist but now, I’m a titleholder so it’s a bit more special.”

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