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Conquering Challenges And Celebrating Unity On Australia Day

As the sun painted the sky with hues of orange and gold early on Australia Day, Moranbah buzzed with excitement for a unique celebration – the Moranbah Australia Day Triathlon, an initiative proudly hosted by the Isaac Regional Council. The word had spread, and multisport enthusiasts from far and wide eagerly converged on this vibrant community to partake in the thrilling event. Thankfully, TC Kirrily had stayed far enough north to not impose a threat to competitors.

The triathlon offered a variety of distances, attracting participants of all fitness levels, from seasoned athletes to those seeking a refreshing challenge. The promise of attractive prize money served as an extra incentive, ensuring a spirited competition awaited the eager contenders.

More than just a race, the Moranbah Australia Day Triathlon became a beacon of community spirit, embodying the ethos of Isaac's 'people power.' Residents lined the routes, cheering and encouraging participants as they conquered the swim, cycling, and running segments.

For those who relish the thrill of swimming, cycling, and running, this triathlon was a perfect opportunity to showcase their skills and push their limits. Moranbah’s Australia Day Triathlon emerged not just as a sporting event but as a symbol of shared goals, communal support, and the joy of living an active and healthy lifestyle.

First Place Winners

Enticer Triathlon:

1st Female: Isabelle Cahill

1st Male: Isaac Hammer

Sprint Triathlon:

1st Female: Demi Caldwell

1st Male: Christian Smith

Team Triathlon:

1st Place: Miles Frequent Flyers

Mini Kids Triathlon:

1st Female: Grace Cahill

1st Male: Ashton Zweers

Mini Kids Aquathlon:

1st Place: Marcus Strauss


1st Place: Belinda Binnekamp


1st Female: Janine King

1st Male: Murray Wonnocott


1st Place: Benjamin Medhurst

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