Thursday, March 2, 2023


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Councillor Column

With Councillor Mike Brunker

Hello everyone!

The projects that I will be focusing on for 2023 will be all about lifestyle choices and improvement of liveability for all residents in my Division 6.

It’s exciting that Bowen’s iconic scenic walking from Horseshoe Bay to Rose Bay is being upgraded to a new track.

For many years Council have used job schemes to develop and maintain this beautiful track that meanders between our three iconic beaches of Horseshoe Bay over through Murrays Bay down to the picturesque Rose Bay and then doubling back through sub-tropical bush land to the start.

Planning for the future, Council has engaged a walking track specialist to design and construct a new and improved track that will be safer for walkers and include more photo opportunity locations to allow locals and tourists to take that beautiful hero shot as an everlasting memory of your trek.

Council also plans to add rest areas for those who want to take a more leisurely stroll and sit back and enjoy the tranquillity.

The design is ready to go out to the public for feedback, we are just waiting for support and sign off with Native Title and we should be able to get underway.

The other project I am interested in is the legendary Mullers Lagoon with its hundreds of bird species that call this Botanic Garden home.

We are currently working on a master plan which will see Stage 1 result in the kilometres of dirt pathways cemented to make the track accessible to all.

This means locals and tourists will be able to spend an afternoon walking around Mullers Lagoon absorbing the serenity of our jewel in the crown, smack bang in the middle of Bowen.

This lagoon was man made many years ago by the previous owners of the property and sold to Bowen Shire Council for the specific use of a Botanical Garden and Bird Sanctuary, which has been upheld to this day.

Upgraded pathways and more entertainment facilities will go a long way to introducing more locals and visitors alike to appreciate the truly beautiful open space this is.

On a personal note, I will be continuing to support my wife who volunteers for Bowen and Collinsville Pet Rescue to ensure that our furry friends can always find a home in troubled times.

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