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Courage To Act - Your Future Self Will Thank Uou

For many of us, the challenge to our personal and professional progress is not so much the lack of planning but rather a massive failure to execute. We often lack the courage to act.

Courage to act is being willing to ‘expose’ oneself and set aside the fear of what others think – including being proven wrong, failure, or even success. All this is daunting so the easy option is to maintain the status quo in our careers, and in our lives. When we lack the courage to act, we forego the opportunity to realise our potential.

When I speak with women about their careers, a common theme is lack of courage to act and invest in themselves. Self tends to come last. It’s a ‘play it safe’ approach with a dash of self-sabotage – often unconsciously.

Courage to act means we have to make a conscious decision to face our fears. Easier said than done. I would be considered quite a direct person; however I can think of numerous times when I haven’t been courageous enough to speak up, or follow my own advice. It’s disempowering and demoralising. On the other hand, when I have had the courage to act on something important, it’s energising, builds self-confidence and acknowledges self-worth. Courage feeds our self-respect and respect for others.

Courage to invest in ourselves is the foundation of our wellbeing. It motivates us to engage in new experiences and to keep growing and evolving as a person; and in terms of our careers, stay relevant and propel us to success.

Building our courage starts with small steps – at work it may be a goal to speak up at team meetings, knowing your contribution will add value. Personally it could be signing up for a course you have always wanted to do or rekindling a hobby. I also have witnessed bold courage where women have taken the leap to reinvention - embarking on new careers.

Some may find it useful to engage dedicated support with building courage and engage a coach or mentor. CareerForce Australia can provide that dedicated personal guide - contact me at to learn more.

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