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Creating Community In Lush Green Village Grounds

Making the move from just south Sydney in New South Wales to Queens Beach, just north of Bowen, was something Jennie and Peter Greer never expected, however five years ago, they now love living in North Queensland.

Taking over Queens Beach Tourist Village in 2019, Jennie and Pete set out to establish the park as a favourite destination for visitors to the region.

With 23 cabins and 140 powdered caravan sights available, the park is able to cater for almost every sort of traveller.

“We are perfectly designed for tourists,” explained Jennie.

Now just stepping off the back of peak traveller season, the couple and their dedicated team are taking the time to refurbish all 23 cabins, fine-tuning the creature comforts offered to all their guests.

Taking on a holiday park was not foreign to the couple, having owned and operated a tourist park in Inverell.

“It’s not about us, though. Without our team, we wouldn’t be nearly as successful as we are,” Pete said.

Creating a community within the park, Queens Beach Tourist Village has become a hive of activity.

“During peak season, we have an entertainment night every second fortnight, with proceeds going back to the Bowen Country Women’s Association,” said Jennie.

“Those have been great, as other local business have signed on and supported the evenings.”

It is clear that the team behind Queens Beach Tourist Village are proud of their work and the visitors they look after.

“We’re grateful,” Jennie said.

“It’s just fantastic to see people’s smiles; that’s the end result we’re looking for.”

Peter and Jennie Greer, Gerry and Mark Tomsett, the dedicated team behind Queens Beach Tourist Village. Photo credit: Bronte Hodge

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