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Curious about Yoga? Tranquil Awaits Your Journey of Discovery

Ever felt that yoga might not be your 'thing'?

Perhaps, it's precisely what your body and mind have been silently yearning for.

Why not indulge your curiosity, take a step onto the mat, and discover the transformative power that yoga can bring to your life? Join us at Tranquil Yoga Mackay, where we believe in the inclusive embrace of everyBODY, offering a space for exploration, self-discovery, and well-being.

More than just a studio, we are a family-run establishment with a commitment to community values, embracing every individual who walks through our doors.

Meet Ashley, our principal yoga teacher and passionate owner, with years of experience, particularly in the realms of Yin and Restorative practices. Hence, the name Tranquil Yoga Mackay. Our studio focuses on offering a diverse range of classes that cater to slowing down and moving inward, allowing you to find the zen within.

Joining Ashley is fellow yoga teacher Shannon Clare, who shares a love for rest and digest practices. While we use movement and breath to heal and empower, our timetable also features dynamic forms of yoga and movement, including the newly introduced Barre and Ashtanga classes, balancing the serene ambiance of our studio.

Discover a variety of classes tailored to suit everyone's preferences, with affordable membership options, including compatibility with FITNESS PASSPORT and WHEREFIT, Tranquil makes yoga accessible to all.

Tranquil offers a mixture of classes such as:

YinYang (movement and stretch)

Restorative Yin (slow, gentle and relaxing)

Yin (stretch and meditative)

lunch time Nidra (30 mins to reset your nervous system)

Hatha Nidra (movement and meditation)  

Ashtanga Vibes (dynamic movement)

Monthly Men’s Yoga (taught by a man for men)

Barre classes (fun, fun and more fun)  

AND a sneaky weekly Pilates matwork class (35 min workout)

Ashley and Shannon are here to support you on your yoga journey, whether you're a beginner or an experienced practitioner. We believe that yoga, with its myriad benefits, may be just what your body and mind need.

Some of the commonly known benefits of practicing yoga:

• Improves flexibility and balance

• Enhance range of motion in various joints in the body

• Reduces stress and anxiety

• Improves overall health

• Enhances mental clarity and concentration

• Promotes better sleepy

• Increases strength and muscle tone

• Boosts self-awareness and self-esteem

Our studio not only offers a space for yoga but also shares its warmth with other local small businesses, including Warisa Thai Massage, where Tranquil members enjoy exclusive discounts. We envision a kind, caring community within our walls, where people feel safe and welcome to explore their yoga journey.

Tranquil Yoga Mackay awaits, ready to embrace you on the mat and nurture your well-being.

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