Thursday, October 26, 2023


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Cyclone Preparedness And Teacher Gratitude

A couple of big things are happening this weekend that you may not be aware of. I suppose you could get into quite an argument over which is more important than the other.

I’ll just put it out there.

The first one is National Teachers’ Day which is today. The second is our 4MK Cyclone Sunday in Bowen.

Sure, both are very important to highlight and to be thankful for so I’m going to break down both for you and you can either agree or disagree with me. That’s your call.

Let’s look at National Teachers’ Day. It’s a day that quite frankly shouldn’t even happen. It should be 365 days a year not just one day on the calendar. When we celebrate a day like this, it’s nice to give a big thanks to all the teachers who shape of children’s lives, from kindy to high school and forwards to tertiary life. They do amazing things for our kids. For that I say thank you.

We all know teachers cop a hiding as to all the holidays they get every year. Well, here we go, try working 7 days a week, marking exams, fielding emails, attending courses, preparing classes, and the old weekend volunteering for events like the classic bikeathon. All that requires holidays that go longer than an Adam Reynolds post grand final speech, which isn’t that hard to do. I want teachers to get more holidays, not less.

The other event this weekend is Cyclone Sunday in Bowen and I reckon it could be on par for equal status with teachers’ day for the one reason, staying alive.

Think about it, if you want to be safe this cyclone season, get all the info this weekend so you and your family can be prepared just in case the worst happens. Now that could be a storm event, it could be a cyclone, it could also be a bushfire. For all these safety is paramount, just like teachers’ day.

My point is both special days have huge significance to us all. You can’t have one without the other, so let’s highlight both, make us all safe, and know that when it comes 9am Monday next week, we’ve all got smiles on our faces.

If you don’t have a smile, we can only presume that you weren’t nice to a teacher on Friday, or your house blew away with a Cyclone. I hope the later doesn’t happen for both of us.

Here’s a tip, buy a few apples today and start handing them out to teachers. You might get some handshakes, and perhaps some apple pie in a few days’ time!

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