Thursday, November 2, 2023


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Daddy Cool And Eagle Rock: Ross Wilson In Airlie Beach

For Ross Wilson, he is not shy to voice his true job at next week’s Airlie Beach Festival of Music.

“I am an entertainer. My job is to entertain. I love to get people out of their seats and dancing,” he explained.

“Fortunately, I have had a few hits in my career, so it’s easy to get people up and moving.”

However, the legendary Ross Wilson might be a tad too humble.

“I like to think of myself as a dance band. I have a really great band, the Peaceniks, with some of the best players. They always make me sound good.”

With a illustrious career spanning over 50 years, Ross is an Aussie household name, covering every single genre and every single beat.

From his early days of Daddy Cool to Mondo Rock and his extremely successful solo career, Ross Wilson has not stopped pumping the tracks, tracks that must be laced because damn, they are good.

“The music keeps me going,” Ross said. There must be something in his water too then.

“It’s become an obsession at this stage. When I first walked on to that stage, I was like ‘wow, I could get used to this.”

At the Airlie Beach Festival of Music, Ross will be exploring his entire discography, including his classics ‘Eagle Rock’, ‘Summer of ‘81’, and ‘Come Said the Boy’ to his newer hits, and some newly released songs from his impending album, which is sure to set us all in a tail spin.

“Get ready, Airlie Beach. I performed at the first Airlie Beach Festival of Music, and now, in 2023, I’m back.”

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