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Dallas Frasca at Magnums, Airlie Beach

Australian Roots Rock

Their music “sounds like Janis Joplin and Angus Young had a baby and baptised it in Bourbon”, according to Rolling Stone magazine, and if that doesn’t tell you what Dallas Frasca are about, then God knows what will.

Frontwoman Dallas Frasca, who is the award-winning Australian rock outfit’s namesake, encapsulates everything rock ‘n’ roll: power, rawness, energy.

She oozes with the essence of it, and now, she’s heading to the Airlie Beach Festival of Music for its tenth-year celebrations.

“It’s been on our bucket list for years to perform at the festival. It’s a mix of some of the best heritage bands of our country and the local upcoming bands,” Dallas said.

“It’s such a great chance for punters to discover new acts; we’re certainly looking forward to it.”

Dallas said the last three years had been spent on revitalising the band with a brand-new line-up – and “it’s a turbocharged version of what we used to be”.

“Your girls upgraded her guitar skills and the musicians I’m playing with are incredible. That old rule of playing with people who are better than you, in terms of guitar, rings true – I’ve improved so much. I’m confident in my voice, but your girl is on lead guitar now,” Dallas said.

“I recently bought an SG Classic Gibson, which is calling my name even now. It’s going to be interesting! When you get a new toy it’s full of inspiration and as you get better on an instrument you want to try more and dig a little deeper and surprise.”

And that’s what this show is all about for the rockstar: surprises.

“There’ll be a few sneaky new songs in the set list. Some new things like doing a bunch of live vocal looping as we go through the set. It’s this rock and roll band, female vocal guitar mixed with this synth lord music that comes from our new band members,” she said.

“It’s going to be parts of that new album, parts of that old repertoire, and parts of magic. We cannot wait to be heading up that way, especially to get out of this Melbourne weather!”

Dallas Frasca is playing at Magnums Airlie Beach at 3pm this Saturday.

Moment With A Muso:

Favourite band?: It changes daily! This morning I was listening to Dame Joan Sutherland, then I’m just about to listen to ZZ Top lists.

Least favourite?: I’m always interested in bands doing something different and interesting.

Last song you listened to?: Bellinian Archeous Phrase Live Dame Joan Sutherland

Dallas Frasca, the Australian rock queen, is playing at Magnums Airlie Beach for the Festival of Music

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