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Dance Express Unleash Your Child's Creativity and Confidence

Whether your child dreams of a professional dance career or simply wants to get active and make friends, Dance Express has the perfect class! Here your child can find a safe space where they are free to express themselves, build friendships and set the stage for a lifetime of creativity and confidence.

From our Award-Winning Ready Set Dance Program for Preschoolers, our V.I.Prep class exclusive to Preppies and our extensive School Aged Program, we can help meet your child’s unique needs, personality and ability. We offer a full range of classes including: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Singing and Cheer.

Through their Ready Set Dance Program, Dance Express has become the go-to studio for over 120 of Mackay’s Preschoolers.

“We are so proud of our Preschool Programs and love the Confidence, Coordination and Creativity it cultivates in our Preschoolers from Walking Age to 5yrs. As a Premium Partner studio, we offer the full range of classes including: Dance, Ballet, Acro & Move which is a class designed for Toddlers and their Parents!” Karen Bishop, Director of Dance Express explains.

“We understand the busy timetables that families juggle and want dance to be a stress-free activity! From one 45-minute class a week to elite training, we have a class and time to suit all families.

“2024 is certainly the perfect year to get into dance! We have huge plans for our 20th Concert and can’t wait to celebrate with you all,” Karen says.  

After 20 years in the biz, Dance Express continues to be a home away from home for so many dancers and is proud to be a safe and stable third place for the young people of Mackay.

Dance Express will be in full force at the upcoming Mackay Sports Expo, so come and say hello to our friendly DE Team and get your child moving in 2024!

Fun and smiles at Dance Express Mackay / Photo Credit: Dance Express (Facebook)

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