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Dancing With Heart

On Friday 15th March, well-known local identities will take to the stage to display their talents with the support of Choreographer Dolly Louw and back-up dancers from Fame Talent School. One participant will walk away with the coveted Mirror-Ball Trophy.

This night of entertainment is all for a great cause, raising money to support the Mackay Hospital Foundation.

Over the next four weeks we will profile two dancers each week. First up, Josh and Chloe.

Chloe Gunthorpe

Chloe Gunthorpe, a Director of Next Accounting, will be busting a move at the 2024 ‘Dancing with Heart’ Mackay Hospital Foundation.

With a client-focused approach, Chloe says she finds joy in helping businesses reach their goals whilst gaining trust, and often forming friendships with her clients along the way.

As Chloe dances her way through life, she finds confidence in expressing herself through movement. While exploring various dance styles, she embraces the opportunity to step out of her comfort zone.

“A lot of my dance moves require me to feel confident about myself – so it’s been nice to explore that,” she says.

Chloe admits that navigating lefts and rights on the dance floor can sometimes prove more challenging than crunching numbers in her profession.

“I’m good with numbers, but not directions apparently,” she laughed.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Chloe values the impactful work of the Mackay Hospital Foundation.

“The Mackay Hospital Foundation is so integral to our community and the health of our community.

“I am a huge believer in supporting the community and if I get to learn a few dance moves along the way and create some more connections and memories – than bonus!” 

Josh Smith

As a Senior Account Executive with Elders Insurance, Josh Smith leads a whirlwind of diversity and excitement in the world of insurance. He provides a perspective of his day-to-day life through a lens of enthusiasm and a vibrant touch to his professional journey.

“One day, we're soaking in the tranquil scenery of Collinsville, chatting with local farmers helping them with farm insurance and the next, we're diving into the bustling world of Moranbah, assisting contractors in the mining sector to navigate the labyrinth of insurance intricacies.

“It's a rollercoaster ride where predictability takes a backseat, and every day unveils a new adventure.”


When it comes to dance, Josh has embraced the challenge of keeping up with Miss Dolly from Fame Talent Dance School and acknowledged it as an inspiring fitness revolution.

Josh says he has channelled his inner Patrick Swayze and mastered the "Swayze Shuffle."

“It's a delicate blend of attempting to recreate Patrick Swayze's smooth moves from Dirty Dancing while realizing my coordination might need some serious movie magic.

“But hey, it's all in good fun, right?”

““I'm passionate about ensuring that the money raised goes where it's needed most, supporting our local hospitals and healthcare initiatives though the Mackay Hospital Foundation,” he says.

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