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Dellacomma Rio Rocks Out As INXS Frontman On Australia Day

A man of many personas, a voice that transcends the ages and a performance that is guaranteed to rock any stage, Dellacomma Rio is always greeted to a superstar welcome when he comes to Airlie Beach.

Famed for his lifelike renditions of two of the world’s biggest stars – Jon Bon Jovi and Michael Hutchence - Dellacomma gives passionate, high-energy, larger than life performances at his shows that always rock out to packed audiences at The Pub, Airlie Beach Hotel.

“I’ve performed in towns all over the world and you can never tell where you’re going to take off,” said Dellacoma.

“But Airlie Beach is one of those places for me. This is the only hotel we ever perform at, the rest are convention centres and concert halls, but I love the crowd and the atmosphere which is why we keep coming back.”

Dellacoma was born in the US, (his dad is from Texas and his mum is from Brisbane) but he grew up in Tasmania from the age of two.

During his childhood, Dellacoma spent a lot of time attending an Acappella Church, where there were no instruments, just vocals, and he loved watching both his parents creating magical harmonies with others.

Later on, he attended university and discovered theatre and went on to launch an acting career while living in LA.

Dellacoma spent six years performing live theatre and featuring in some well-known TV shows in America before coming back to Australia and once again reuniting with his musical routes.

Following his return to Australia in 2007 Dellacomma recorded and toured with two Sydney based bands - Innertone and Sunset Riot.

He then launched his solo rock band career in 2014 with his first album, “Dead Will Rise”.

Earlier this year he released another album entitled ‘Blood’.

To most Whitsunday fans, however, Dellacoma Rio is best known as the front man for INXS Revived and the Bon Jovi tribute show.

“My passion is live music,” he said.

“I always give more energy than I have in every show – the crowd can expect high-energy, high-passion – I always say that you can capture moments in live music – during a show you can create something special that can never happen again, share an experience that only happens in that moment.”

Bringing the flare and passion of live theatre to his shows, Dellacoma is renowned for his flamboyant live performances, video screens running along simultaneously to the show and crowd interaction which has everyone in Airlie Beach coming back for more each time he is in town.

“I love coming to Airlie Beach, there are a few towns who have really welcomed me, and Airlie Beach is one of them – it’s next level!” said Dellacoma.

“The Pub and the crowd that come along to my shows each time have a really special place in my heart.”

Favourite song ever: ‘Dream On’ by Aerosmith

Favourite song to perform: It’s My Life (Bon Jovi) or Never Tear Us Apart (INXS)

Last song you listened to: ‘Madness’ by Muse


WHAT: INXS Revived

WHEN: Thursday, January 26

TIME: From 3pm

WHAT: Bon Jovi

WHEN: Friday, January 27

TIME: 2pm – 5.30pm

WHAT: Australian INXS Show

WHEN: Saturday, January 28

TIME: 2pm – 5.30pm

WHAT: Rock Anthems

WHEN: Sunday, January 29

TIME: 2pm – 5.30pm

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