Thursday, August 24, 2023


Mackay and Whitsunday Life

Did you know? With Mayor Julie Hall

We have a several different construction crews within Council, all extremely versatile and capable!

Our grader teams work hard to repair and maintain our rural road network whilst our maintenance crews work on our major roads to patch up potholes, undertake drainage repairs, conduct line marking, install road signs, and carry out minor concrete repairs.

We also have dedicated capital works teams in the north and south of the region who deliver a large portion of our budgeted projects, no matter how complex.

Our mower teams maintain our major roads and highways by slashing overgrown vegetation whilst our Parks and Gardens teams work to keep all of our open spaces clean, safe, and tidy for all residents to enjoy.  

We also have dedicated team who inspect Council infrastructure assets such as our roads, drainage, footpaths, and signage to ensure that they are always compliant.

This team also carries out investigations and replies to any Customer complaints we receive in these departments.

All of our construction workers are trained in traffic control and plant operation and are progressed though Certificate 3 and 4 Construction Operations.  

Our teams work tirelessly to make sure our region is a wonderful place for us all to enjoy. They also take pride in their work and carry them out using safe work practices to ensure every employee can return home to their families every day.

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