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Dine For One, Dine For All

Affectionally known as the ‘Can’t Decide Platter’, Anchor Bar is ensuring that every member of your group discovers a little of everything to satisfy their taste buds.

Evolving from an observation by wait staff, where patrons were unable to decide between this and that on the fantastic and delicious menu, the ‘Can’t Decide Platter’ soon became a permanent part of the menu.

“The Can’t Decide Platter came about from having several favourite dishes on the menu, so often we would get ‘I can’t decide between this or that’ so we created a share board that covered as many of those local favourites as possible,” explained Leah McMillan, co-owner of Anchor Bar.

Designed to be heartier than the traditional Tapas style dining experience, the ‘Can’t Decide’ satisfies a big hunger with delicious plates.

Leah continued, “The Can’t Decide Platter was designed to not just be nibbles we wanted it to be hearty enough to feed at least four people as a main meal and remain a good deal for locals.”

So, what does Leah love about the platter?

“The Arancini is definitely a favourite with basil pesto and paprika aioli. The Southern Style Fried Chicken and house made pickles is one to return for; It’s a little bit addictive. And if you haven’t tried the loaded fries, you’re missing out!” Leah explained.

“I’m hooked on the Chicken Wings with the spicy plum sauce or hot sauce add a side of beef and bacon loaded fries topped with melted cheese tomato and onion salsa, aioli and smokey BBQ sauce and a schooner or three!”

And Leah and the Anchor team recommend always taking a look at the specials board, where the creative thinking of the chefs is always on display.

“They really do like to outshine each other with their specials which makes it great for us diners!”

Can’t decide what to have at Anchor Bar, don’t worry, they have you covered with the Can’t Decide platter! Photo supplied

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