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Donut Underestimate The Power Of A Good Deed

In a sugar-covered gesture, a local mum and her young son spread a little sweetness during a challenging morning for Anita Pritchard and her children.

Facing the unexpected hardship of waking up to a power outage caused by a car accident near their home, the Pritchard family found themselves on the way to an appointment with empty stomachs.

The thoughtful duo ahead in the line at Mount Pleasant Donut King surprised them by purchasing a dozen cinnamon donuts, paying it forward in an unexpected and delightful way.

Though Anita's children eagerly chased after them to express their gratitude, she took to a local mother's group on Facebook to extend her heartfelt thanks.

In the spirit of generosity, this simple yet impactful act reminds us that a little sweetness goes a long way, especially in times of unexpected challenges.

Anita said her children can’t wait to pay forward the kind gesture to someone else.

Anita Pritchard’s children with the box of doughnuts bought by the generosity of a stranger. Photo source: Anita Pritchard, Facebook

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