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Easter Weekend Pickleball

Mackay Indoor Pickleball club held a very successful inaugural Pickleball Competition throughout the Easter Weekend. It was held at McDonald's Multi-sports Stadium nd welcomed players from near and far. The event consisted of both local players, as well as visitors from across Townsville, Home Hill, Bowen, Whitsundays, Rockhampton, Brisbane and even California.
The competition was friendly and social but undoubtedly very intense, with a focus solely on competitions with men’s and women’s doubles which played out on Saturday, followed by mixed doubles on Sunday.  
On each day the entrants competed in one of three categories: Advanced, Intermediate or Serious Social, a category included to welcome new or inexperienced players to their first competition.
The atmosphere throughout was very positive and friendly with players supporting one another and applauding good play.  At the same time, there was intense competition and hard-fought battles, however, as a result, a good time was had by all.  
Mackay Indoor Pickleball club would like to give a special thanks to Mackay Basketball Association for the use of the stadium and for keeping the players nourished from the canteen over the weekend.  With gratitude also, to Mackay Tennis club for the loan of Pickleball nets and for all those who contributed to prizes and the raffle.
Mackay Indoor Pickleball welcomes new players at McDonalds Multi-sports Stadium on Mondays 9.30am to 11.30am. Main games take place at Mackay PCYC on Tuesdays 5.30 pm – 7.30 pm, Thursdays 12-2 pm and Sundays 9am – 11am.  

Women’s Doubles


1st Lucy Brown and Kim Presland
2nd Sue Kenniff and Rebecca Moore
3rd Heather Hayes and Karyl Young


1st Joyce Morris and Hayley Mawhirt
2nd Asia Cossley and Jackie Burling
3rd Jacky Hardman and Heather Barnes


1st Kelly Edwards and Anne-Louise Stewart
2nd Tahnee Armstrong and Jamie Macklin
3rd Cherie Craig and Lesley Rowe

Men’s Doubles


1st Gerard Howard and Brett Walz
2nd Rob Vella and Jamie Duncan
3rd Damon Hardmon and Brendan Rae


1st Trevor Gregory and Peter Hughes
2nd Leo Gilbert and Craig Neilson
3rd David Selvage and Eamon McGovern

Mixed Doubles:


1st Rob Vella and sue Kenniff
2nd Brendan Rae and Rebecca Moore
3rd Yoko Stimson and Frank Clayton


1st Craig Nielson and Heather Barnes
2nd Graham Scott and Heather Hayes
3rd Neil McNee and Lou Battersby


1st Debbie Barbagallo and Ben Barbagallo
2nd Jamie Macklin and Peter Hutching
3rd Tahnee Armstrong and Craig Armstrong

Contributed by Monica Stewart-McLean

Advanced Women’s Doubles
Intermediate Men’s Doubles
Advanced Men’s Doubles
Intermediate Mixed Doubles
Advanced Mixed Doubles
Social Women’s Doubles
Intermediate Women’s Doubles
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