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Eastwoods – A Feast For The Senses

It seems like the whole town has been talking about Eastwoods for several months now, so when I was asked where I’d like to go for my birthday dinner, I immediately knew where I wanted to book. I love Asian fusion cuisine and had been eagerly awaiting the moment I could devour some mouth-watering morsels at this popular local restaurant.

As soon as we arrived, we were ushered to our seats and served instantly by our waitress who eloquently detailed the cocktail of the day and specials list which she had memorised precisely. As a former-waitress myself, I was impressed by the service and doubly impressed when it remained equally proficient throughout the night.

Looking at the menu, every dish seemed exciting! A broad range of culinary delights from sticky pork ribs to raw hiramasa kingfish and spicy beef tartare. Despite being enthralled by the menu, however, I was unsure what to select. Thankfully, when our waitress returned, she explained that the dishes are meant for sharing so we enjoyed picking a variety.

Earlier that day, a friend had recommended the ‘Son In Law Eggs’ and, determined to be good to my word, we ordered them, along with the fried chicken wings for entree.

Brought to the table in rustic and charming kitchenware, both dishes looked like works of art and the tantalising aromas emanating from each was like a feast for the senses. Almost reluctant to break their beauty, we cut into the delicate looking eggs that were served with green mango chilli and sweet yellow bean sauce. The eggs were softly cooked to perfection and the sweet sauce left the tastebuds dancing in delight. I had never experienced eggs quite like this!

Next up were the fried chicken wings with lime leaf coriander house sweet chilli sauce and lime. The outer skin of the chicken wings gave a satisfying crunch when bitten into and the and the tangy sauce was punchy and vibrant. Again, some of the best I’d ever tasted.

For main course, we decided to share the Penang Curry with braised beef kipfler potato shallots and pickled cucumber. The meat and potatoes melted in your mouth and the sauce was deep and complex with a hundred flavours sending waves of bliss across your pallet. Meanwhile the pickled cucumber broke the flavour perfectly, its sharp tanginess a delicious contrast to the curry.

Sitting at our table afterwards with full and satisfied bellies, we felt absolute contentment. The rumours about Eastwoods are all true, a dining experience is an absolute delight and the food a lasting memory.

Food Review By Rachael Smith.

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