Thursday, March 28, 2024


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Editors Note

Hi Everyone,

Happy Easter!

Bonnet parades, school shows, mad dashes to the shops for last minute Easter eggs – this is not a relaxing time of year for parents – but it is a lot fun!

This morning I sent my (almost) 7-year-old boy to school with blue hair – it was ‘free dress day’ and he was desperate to utilise the tin of blue hair spray we purchased several weeks ago.

We stood on the veranda with a towel wrapped around his shoulders and I sprayed his hair, neck and back of his ears, blue.

He was delighted!

When we got to school there was an array of colour pouring out of car doors and walking to classrooms – pink tutus, Tie-dyed shirts, clothes featuring everything from Pokémon to rock bands, more died hair, a few striped socks and a whole lot of attitude!

It made me think about how our clothing choice is such a big expression of who we are, especially when we are children.

What did you wear when you were a kid that you find funny now?

I was a bit grungy in my teenage years, so it was Bon Jovi t-shirts and a lot of black.

Before that I remember loving one of my grand-dad’s old hats and refusing to take it off!

Younger still and it was a bright red Betty Boop jumper that was my absolute favourite.

Watching these beautiful youngsters display their personality and start to frame their identity at the local primary school this morning was fascinating.

It reminded me of my own youth and made me wonder what my own child was going to wear and look like as he aged – hopefully not too many piercings and tattoos!

Regardless of what you are wearing (!) or what you are doing this Easter long weekend, I hope you have fun and enjoy time with those you love.


Quote of the Week: “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” (Emerson)

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