Thursday, May 9, 2024


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Editors note

Hi Everyone,

When I was in my late teens, out on the town back in my hometown of Maidstone in the UK, I saw a young man hit his girlfriend straight across the face.

Without thinking I broke off from my group of friends and marched up to the guy saying something like – “Oi, get off her!”

Of course, he instantly turned on me, but fortunately some of the friends I was with quickly intervened and pulled me away.

“We must go back, we can’t just see that happen and do nothing!” I remember saying from a distance where the couple could see me.

The woman was cowering, and the man still looked menacing.

I distinctly remember her saying that it was ok and reassuring me she would be fine.

Reluctantly I re-joined all my friends and we continued with our night out.

Despite it being a long time ago, that night has always stuck with me. I wonder how many more times that woman was beaten up by her partner.

I also wonder how many more people have witnessed public physical violence or seen the effects of it in bruises on faces and said nothing.

Each day men and women are impacted by adverse actions of an intimate partner. Check in with your friends, speak up and advocate for your loved ones.

And while, we should never intervene unless it is safe to do so, I think it is important we all open the conversation - report physical violence whenever we witness it and have difficult conversations with people we are concerned about if we can.

It is Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month in May and there are candle lighting vigils being held across the region to remember those lost.

You can also learn more on the subject by jumping online and reading some of the incredible information available, there are many resources and also helplines out there.

Domestic violence is a difficult subject and it can become tangled in other issues, but at their core, everyone knows what is right and what is wrong and we all need to stand up and protect that in our society.


Quote of the Week: “Violence is the weapon of the weak, non-violence that of the strong” (Ghandi)

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