Thursday, August 24, 2023


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Editor's Note

Hi Everyone,

My mum is a bit of a conspiracy theorist. She was enthralled by the recent investigative book on the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines doomed 370 flight and regaled me with the theory that different governments knew about a package onboard and shot down the plane.

She is also a bit of a COVID sceptic and says that, if it was up to her, she would never agree to having a vaccine in her life. Despite this, she dutifully heads to the doctors each year for a flu jab and a COVID booster.

I like listening to her theories but am more a believer in the power of good than I am in corruption so prefer to be open to the debate until the facts prove otherwise.

Despite being happy to sit on the fence with these sorts of issues, I am a staunch advocate for the right to express our views openly and unapologetically, without the fear of discrimination.

And this is one of the reasons I love living in Australia – we are a young country with a fierce spirit and a largely accepting disposition.

Believing this, I was a little surprised when information about the ‘Forest of the Fallen’ (read on page 6) silent protest was removed from one of our local community chat pages within an hour of it being posted.

The protest showed photos of people who are believed to have died or been injured following a COVID vaccination.

Whether or not this information is 100 per cent accurate, I believe it still deserves a place in our narrative and the people behind such movements have a right to be heard.

While the government are able to promote the merit of vaccinations surely pro-choice groups such as the ones holding this protest ought to be given an open platform as well.


Quote of the Week: “Upon waking in the morning, consider the privilege it is to be alive, to have the ability to think, to experience joy and to feel love” (Marcus Aurelius)

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