Thursday, February 1, 2024


Mackay and Whitsunday Life

Editors note

Hi Everyone,

Last night I returned to the gym for the first time in about eight weeks.

Prior to this, I would aim to do some kind of fitness three times a week, often running with my crazy puppy during the cooler months.

Over the festive season, however, I switched to a ‘no rules’ diet and lifestyle - I could eat what I liked and be as lazy as I liked!

And while it was fantastic to make a pig of myself with chocolate croissants, endless rounds of shortbread and other Christmas goodies, I knew the journey back from this euphoric existence would be long and arduous.

By the end of my holiday, I was getting puffed chasing my son around and I knew it was time to rediscover fitness.

Yesterday, however, the idea of returning to the gym filled me with dread - but I did it!

And while I was at the gym, a friend I hadn’t seen for a while text me and told me she had just joined the same gym – “Great!” I laughingly replied, “See you at 6am the tomorrow morning.”

Within seconds, however, I was called to account when she responded with a yes – let’s do a boxing class! – gulp! What had I just signed up for?!

This morning, true to my word, I headed back to the gym and met my new gym buddy.

I took my first boxing fitness class, and it was absolutely fantastic! I will definitely go back!

In retrospect I now realise I’ve been flying solo in my fitness journey for quite some time and, I have to confess, it’s been a bit lonely.

Working out in a group and enjoying a bit of banter with a good mate was so much better than slogging it out alone.

The upcoming Whitsunday Sports Expo, which is due to take place at the Whitsunday Sportspark this Saturday, is a wonderful example of how our fitness journey is much more rewarding when shared.

I can’t wait to see what sports are on offer this year – hopefully I’ll see you down there!


Quote of the Week: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” (Wayne Gretzky)

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