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Mackay and Whitsunday Life

Editors Note Whittsundays

Hi Everyone,

I was at the gym chatting to a fellow step-class participant earlier this week when we got talking about volunteering for committees.

She told me a hilarious story about a P&C sausage sizzle committee meeting years ago when her children were young – the group of volunteers were all fussing and overthinking the little details so much that she asked a simple question:

“How much are we aiming to fundraise?”

To which she was told, $150 – and, without thinking, she whipped out her purse and handed over $150 to the shock and awe of the rest of the volunteers.

“There you go!” she said, before walking out with a smile on her face.

Despite this lady’s calamitous experience volunteering, we all know how rewarding contributing to our community can be – in fact, if you have any spare time there are many local groups, events and charities that would appreciate your support.

One of these is the Great Barrier Reef Festival which is holding a Meet and Greet at Boaty’s in Airlie Beach this Tuesday at 5pm – go along to find out more!

Over the years I’ve been part of the Whitsunday Writers Festival committee which sadly lost its founder Gloria Burley when she passed away several years ago.

Last year I was approached by a small group of people hoping to re-start the festival and I was thrilled to re-join what I think will be an amazing revival of a special local event.

A big thanks to Richard and Julia Evans for being the festival convenors and doing the majority of heavy lifting to re-establish this fantastic event – they have created an incredible ‘festival model’ which will be used now and into the future.

They have also been able to secure some amazing authors including the popular Sally Hepworth who will be hosting a special festival High Tea.

Early bird tickets are selling fast so make sure you gather your book-loving pals and reserve your spot by visiting

We’d love to see you there!


Quote of the Week: “Think before you speak. Read before you think” Fran Lebowitz

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