Thursday, June 6, 2024


Mackay and Whitsunday Life

Editors Note

Hi Everyone,

I was out on Cannonvale Beach with my son one morning, taking our excitable Border Collie, Finn, for a walk when I began watching two men at work planting little shrubs in the nearby garden beds.

One of the men had a massive drill and was drilling into the soil, up-rooting much of it and breaking deeply into the beds before plopping a plant into the hole he’d created.

The other man had a shovel in his hand and was gently scooping away the soil - slowly, quietly and lovingly he created the right home for each plant and then gently placed them in there.

I couldn’t help but notice that, although the result was the same (all the plants were indeed planted in an orderly fashion and will continue to grow), there was something very different about the methods the two men took.

When we first started, we had no experience in producing a weekly newspaper, but over the years we’ve carved out our own unique method.

I like to think that we’ve achieved this by slowly and respectfully digging a hole in the soil of the community, delicately planting ourselves in the middle of it and slowly establishing roots, from which we have had the support to grow, thanks to all our readers and advertisers.


Quote of the Week: “Do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better” (Maya Angelou)

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