Thursday, February 22, 2024


Mackay and Whitsunday Life

ELECTION FRONT-LINE Question of the Week:

Please share with us one personal experience during your campaign trail so far that has really reinforced the reason you are running for council?

Richard Evans

Mayoral Candidate

It's the moments of truth with residents throughout the Whitsundays that drive home a common frustration: the perceived lack of effective engagement and responsiveness from our Council. This sentiment echoes across regions and towns, signalling a clear need for change. We can either do more of the same, keeping the status quo or vote for change. I want to bring the Whitsundays Pride back, fostering a culture of leadership, unity and integrity. My integrity statement is on my website: 

Ry Collins

Mayoral Candidate

During the last week I’ve had a number of meetings including two of similar focus, one with a Bowen resident and another with a local hospitality business who expressed a strong desire for a council that genuinely values community engagement, delivers a strong plan, and lives by its public commitments and code. Their passion on these issues was inspiring and underscored the community’s craving for transparency, accountability, and a council committed to embedding customer service at the heart of its values and organisational culture.

Peter Hood

Mayoral Candidate

Peter Hood and Phil Batty are the only two candidates that have been threatened with legal action from the Whitsunday Regional Council for getting too close to the truth, just like they did with Mr Allan Dufty when they labelled him a serial pest back in 2011. Allan is loved by the community. We are not going away; we will not be silenced, and I think the recent behaviour of the Whitsunday Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been disgusting.

Phil Batty

Mayoral Candidate

I approached a member of the public to tell him I was standing for Mayor and hand him a flyer. Immediately he reached for his phone, opened it, and showed me the screen from his notes. It said “Mayor Philip Batty”, he went on to say he read up and researched the profiles of all the candidates the night before and his take from that was Philip Batty Mayor. This was before seeing the flyer and a little more about my story and who I am.

Tony Price

Division 2 Councillor Candidate

Housing and accommodation are an issue mentioned all the time. There is a chronic shortage of 5–6-star accommodation all the way down to accommodation for staff and employees. Housing is too expensive so the Council as a matter of priority must look at ways to bring units, hotels, houses, and other forms of accommodation onto the market immediately. Maybe it’s a cultural shift whereby lots and houses are smaller or bigger densities used. This affects our ability grow and prosper as a region.

Clay Bauman

Division 2 Councillor Candidate


I'm encouraged by the support for my campaign, evidenced by the abundant “VOTE CLAY” signs in Division 2. All placed in accordance with Council’s guidelines at private properties with the owners' consent. This overwhelming support and other community feedback of appreciation for my council representation fuels my commitment to remain our voice in Council. It's heartening to see my efforts recognised collectively, motivating me to continue working towards our shared vision for the community's vibrancy, strength, and safety.

John Finlay

Division 6 Councillor Candidate

The experience of the overwhelming support of the community for my candidacy has really reinforced my desire to be Councillor.

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