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Elmarie van der Westhuizen

Assistant Principal Primary at Whitsunday Christian College

What is the passion of any great educator? To teach and to see your students flourish --that is “the most rewarding job in the world” and Elmarie van der Westhuizen has been living it for more than four decades.

The Assistant Principal of Whitsunday Christian College’s Primary School has been an educator all her life, moving from South Africa to Australia to pursue the career which is “in her veins.”

“Both my husband and my parents were involved in Education,” Elmarie said.

“My husband, Frans, is a teacher and we have two beautiful daughters, Twane’ and Elmie, who are both in Education, too. I love what I am doing with my life – to Educate the youth of Australia.”

Elmarie has spent the last 23 years living in Cannon Valley, with 20 of those at Whitsunday Christian College in various roles and responsibilities: as a Prep teacher, in the school’s management team, and now as Assistant Principal Primary.

Education has provided her with unlimited fulfillment, allowing her to guide the next generation, as well as an appetite for what’s new in the teaching sphere.

“I am always keeping up to date with the latest developments in Education,” she said.

And like every Whitsunday resident, she enjoys the lifestyle it has provided when she steps away from her passion on the weekends.

“The best thing that’s ever happened to me is moving to Australia with my family,” Elmarie said.

“When I am home, I spend my time with my husband in the garden or going out for a lovely lunch at one of our beautiful restaurants in Airlie Beach. We also enjoy spending time on the water in our boat, fishing and appreciating the beautiful region.”

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