Friday, November 10, 2023


Mackay and Whitsunday Life

Embracing Life's Messy Moments And Adventures


We love Friday’s. They are one of the better days that end in Y. But do you know why Friday is such a good day?

Have a look around you. Do you see something that makes you smile? A photo on the wall? Kids play stuff all over the front yard? Grass that hasn’t been cut in a few weeks? Maybe a washing basket on the laundry floor that’s overflowing? That’s the stuff we love. It’s real life, and without all that stuff, where would we be?

The last few weeks have reminded me to be thankful for what we have in front of us. Not next door. Not on the phone screen you’ve just been scrolling through. No, your life.

The kids might be yelling at each other, and let me tell you, if they are teenagers, and they are talking to each other by screaming, that’s not such a bad thing. The house might look like a pig pen, but it’s home. I reckon we should all appreciate what we have and feel lucky for just that.

That said, if you have some free time, grab the family, jump in the car and get outside. How’s this for a few great things to do this weekend.

Paxton’s have got their markets on tonight. River Street will come alive as always so bring the family down and get some Xmas shopping done. Palmyra Dragway is doing a big weekend of racing with guaranteed smoke and revving noises coming from the cane fields.

Northview State School has a movie night on tonight, and Vic Park has their annual Xmas Fair tomorrow next to Queens Park. I can’t wait to see who will win the 3000 hams and even check out how many sweat beads I can see from Santa’s hat. Just saying.

Seriously there are so many things to keep you occupied over the next few days.

One last one for you if you’ve never done it before. Take a walk up to the top of The Leap. I took my son up there last week and he loved it. Having a 22-year-old say that is music to my ears. You can also take a stroll up to the Wheel of Fire at Finch Hatton for a swim. Councillor Michelle Green did it last week and loved it too. Good for the body and soul I reckon.

Remember, whatever you do, be kind and have fun!

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