Thursday, February 23, 2023


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Entry Signs Spruced-Up

Bowen’s entry statement signs were refurbished last week after being in disrepair for just over a year, allowing them to showcase the region’s far north once again to prospective tourists.

The “invaluable” signs are dotted along the Bruce Highway outside of Bowen in various locations including next door to the Bowen Visitor Information Centre and were re-skinned by Whitsunday Regional Council last week.

The entry signs had been graffitied in late 2021 and an attempted removal process of the graffiti had damaged the skin, leaving them white and blistered.

Whitsunday Regional Council Mayor Julie Hall said the signs’ purpose was to encourage people to come into the town off the highway, which is why they are perfectly positioned to showcase the township of Bowen.

“They entice people to call in and visit what is a beautiful part of the Whitsundays and my home,” Mayor Hall said.

“It makes the entry into Bowen look a lot nicer now that those faded signs have been re-done and it doubles as being great for our tourism for drivers coming down or up the highway.”

Mayor Hall said the new replacements highlighted why locals have a sense of pride in what Bowen has to offer and that the council "is more than happy to be keeping the residents happy!”

The Bowen Entry Signs were renewed as part of the Parks and Gardens Assets Renewal Program for 2023.

New Bowen entry statement signs were installed last week, courtesy of Whitsunday Regional Council

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