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Exotic Offerings In Airlie Beach Backyard Garden

The hidden alcove of Whitsunday Food Garden is amping-up the good food and great energy, with Ismi’s Kitchen Food Truck, serving the very best and most authentic Indonesian dishes.

Ismi’s Kitchen is the passion project for Ismi Small, bringing all her homestyle Indonesian recipes to Airlie Beach.

“I just love cooking,” Ismi explained.

“My husband says that my food is amazing, so we thought, ‘how about we open a food truck?’

“Since then, it has been amazing, and it’s got busier and busier.”

The entire menu and offerings have been handpicked and curated by Ismi, who keeps her recipes close to her, each ingredient is top secret and every dish is absolutely delicious.

Her magic book of recipes has pushed the venture into massive success, with Ismi able to take a step back from cooking, and now overseeing the kitchen.

“Come to recipe, I believe every hand will create something different, and I am happy if people like what I cook!” Ismi said.

“Our recipes allow us to be consistent and delivering quality meals.”

Since coming into the atmospheric Whitsunday Food Garden, who operate under the Whisper Gin Bar and Restaurant umbrella, Ismi and her team have welcomed the new clientele, who love the tranquil seclusion of the food garden.

“The food garden is a beautiful spot,” Zibby Deca, Chef of Whisper Gin Bar and Restaurant explained.

“We have recently opened the other side of the garden, so people can face the water at night and take in the view.

“With the fairy lights on, under the stars, in a beautiful spot.

“Everyone can grab a meal from one of the three food trucks in the garden and just enjoy a peaceful night with the spectacular views.”

Of the offerings at the Food Garden, there is definitely something for everyone.

“We always wanted to make sure the trucks complement each other,” Zibby explained.

“There is something for everyone, whether it’s gourmet Indonesian, classic Aussie burgers, or a sweet or savoury waffle.”

For Ismi, the venture has been incredibly successful.

“We try and educate the general public of Indonesian food, because it actually is both dairy and gluten free, perfect for everyone.

“Indonesian is such a healthy diet. Not only is it very tasty, but it’s a great choice for most dietary restrictions.”

And what does Ismi recommend from her fantastic menu?

“The chicken Maryland is my favourite.

“We have had a lot of people try this dish and come back for seconds.

“It is a grilled chicken with an exotic sauce, which is delicious, and everyone loves.”

Whether a seasoned Whitsunday Food Garden lover, or new to town, check out the Whitsunday Food Garden.

“I am so happy to be growing and have a good team in the Whisper kitchen and the Food Garden, I thank them all,” said Ismi.

Open seven days a week, for lunch and dinner, available for private functions, with Thursdays hosting the Night Markets and live music, making this the place to be.

Ismi Small and her team, Gabriela Miranda and Virly Trotter. Photo credit: Bronte Hodge

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