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Expect The Unexpected With Wil Anderson Live

Coming off the back of wrapping up his newest project, Australian comedic icon Wil Anderson will be performing live at the Airlie Beach Hotel for one night only!

This show is set to be a roundhouse of laughter and gags, with Wil on the lookout for the best audience interactions that he’s ever faced.

In a unique first for Wil, the Airlie Beach show is set to include the best of his hilarious comedy.

“This show will actually be a bit of a combination of both scripted and improvisation, and there’ll probably be a little bit more talking to the audience,” Wil said.

“It’s quite exciting!

“We’ll just have some fun, everyone just wants to laugh, and talk about some interesting things,” said Wil.

“I try to be very conscious about not bringing old materials to new shows, and if you want to watch an entire show of mine, you can go onto ABC iView and watch it for free, but this is not that,” he said.

“This is a group of people getting out together, having an experience together, which is completely flavoured by the audience.”

With no expectations of how the show will go, Wil is excited to get a taste of Airlie Beach.

“And certainly, my intention will be to make sure it’s a really fun night for people, however that plays out,” Wil said.

“I’m happy with a few characters to be involved in the show, they’re always a bit of fun.”

Wil says he loves meeting different sorts of people and is always up for a bit of banter with the audience, especially the lively characters.

“At one of my most recent shows, I had this guy in the front row who was very proudly a plumber, and I was like ‘I cannot believe you made it to the show on time!’.”

But not to worry, Wil won’t call on you unless you look keen and eager.

“I’m not there to pick on you, I’m actually there to find out something interesting about you then refine it and have some fun with it,” he explains.

“It’s never about ‘you’re wearing a dumb shirt’ unless someone is a dickhead first and then I’m very happy to use my comedic skills to maintain a bit of authority over the room.”

“Don’t get me wrong, if they start it, I’m happy to finish it.”

“That’s the thing with comedy, it’s a conversation with the audience, it’s as much about listening as it is about talking.

“All these things are about having a conversation with the audience, and I always say, it’s a collaboration.

“We’re about to make comedy together, and the good news is, I do all the hard work, you don’t need to try to be funny, you just have to answer my questions and I’ll do the job and make it funny!”

For one night only, only at the Airlie Beach Hotel, Wil Anderson Live. Get your tickets while you can!

WHAT: Wil Anderson Live

WHERE: The Pub, Airlie Beach Hotel

WHEN: Wednesday August 23, from 7pm


For a first for Airlie Beach Hotel, the iconic Wil Anderson is coming and he is bringing his all

The laughs will keep coming, with exciting audience interaction

Be sure to not miss Wil Anderson Live at the Airlie Beach Hotel. Photos supplied

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