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Exploding With Power

A Mackay Christian College (MCC) student set a box jump record at City Fitness earlier in the year while completing school-based training sessions.

Standing at around 162cm, John Morano jumped 1.2m to set the record, a record that has since been matched albeit by much taller athletes than he.

13 students participated in the sessions across six weeks facilitated by Steve Eden of City Fitness Health Club.

“Students were measuring heart rates before and after training to see what effect training would have on that,” Mr Eden said.

“The classes we were doing were functional classes and one of those functional classes included box jumps and that’s when John set that magnificent height of 1.2m.

“He’d done a complete circuit as well, so he was already fatigued, and the athletic ability to be able to jump 1.2m is unreal, and at his height is just a huge athletic achievement.”

John, currently completing year 12, said he enjoyed the sessions as they pushed him to reach his goals.

“I had a goal to reach the rim of a basketball hoop,” John said.

“It was pretty good, just the feeling of it when you jump.”

MCC Sports Coordinator Sheril Buchanan said students looked at the components of fitness for the unit.

“They completed their first lot of tests and did the strength and conditioning unit and then they tested at the end of the unit to see if there were any improvements in those components of fitness,” she said.

“The box jump is a power component of fitness, so this is one where John improved.”

John Morano (right) jumps with freakish ability, setting the box jumping record at Steve Eden’s (left) City Fitness. Photo supplied

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