Thursday, August 24, 2023


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Feeling Sniffly?

We’ve officially hit cold and flu season!

Literally every time we get a change of season or an out-of-the-norm week of weather, I’m someone who starts getting sick instantly. I swear by the cold and flu liquid by Sambucol. It’s not only delicious but, nine times out of ten I’ll wake up the next day feeling, if not entirely better, 90 per cent better. I promise this is not sponsored (but I’ll take it if they want to partner – HEY SAMBUCOL MARKETING TEAM!) so I thought we could take a look at a couple of obscure cold and flu remedies from around the world.

Gogol Mogol

From European descent, this remedy is an egg-based concoction that can be made for children and with a splash of rum or cognac. Egg yolk is whisked together with honey or sugar, then poured into milk that has been heated with unsalted butter. The verdict is still out on the actual medical benefits of this remedy, they do say that it is possible the egg helps coat the throat to make it feel less scratchy and given hot milk has tryptophan, it may help you sleep.

Lizard Soup

Yes, this is just as appealing as it sounds! Stemming from Chinese herbal medicine remedies, this soup is the same idea as having a big bowl of chicken noodle soup. Making up this concoction will require yams, Chinese dates, and dried lizards simmered together in water. I don’t know where you’d find dried lizards other than shriveled up on a pathway somewhere but I’ll be putting this one down to a HARD no. Again, the medical benefits are out on this one, but extra fluids for hydration and loosening mucus never hurt no one.

While they’re a couple of extremes you can go to in order to treat a bout of the coughs and sniffles, if you prefer to stick to a more conservative option, that’s okay too. Whatever you’re using to keep yourself well through this weird cold and flu season, I hope it works and you and your family can stay as healthy as possible.


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