Thursday, November 16, 2023


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Financial Strain Forces Track Closure

Walkerston Track is set to be closed permanently, with Mackay & District BMX Club releasing a statement to members to give an important update.

The reasoning behind the decision was cited as ‘ongoing maintenance requirements, volunteer fatigue and increasing financial input required’ to keep running both the Walkerston and Mackay facilities.

With a considerable cost factor involved with the improvements and maintenance of the Walkerston Track, after careful consideration, the decision was made to close the facility indefinitely.

This decision was not made lightly, as the closure will ultimately impact loyal members and the supporting community. A disappointing set of circumstances for those who supported the Walkerston Track, with memories and friendships created over the years.

MAD BMX president Brett Wilson said the start hill on the Walkerston Track has become a safety issue, but ultimately the closure of the track was purely a financial decision and not the outcome anyone wanted.

The Walkerston BMX Club had previously merged into Mackay & District BMX Club, with a lease from Council allowing operation of the Walkerston Track at a cost of the Club.

Mackay Regional Council Community Services Director Janine McKay commented that her team is ‘currently exploring all available options to keep the track open to the public’ and hope to have a clearer understanding in the near future.

With a commitment to the Walkerston community and ratepayers, the Mackay Regional Council are working to ensure the best possible outcome for all parties involved, however have received negative backlash on social media regarding the closure of the Walkerston Track.

Only a mere six years has passed since the Walkerston Track was impacted by flooding during the events of Cyclone Debbie, which caused significant damage and very costly repairs.

Feasibility studies are currently being undertaken, requiring volunteers to support in assistance with consulting to create a plan for the future of the Mackay & District BMX Club.

The Mackay & District BMX Club’s current focus is a plan to build a new track at a new facility, in a discussion with Mackay Regional Council to explore the possibility of potential sites to do so.

Mackay & District BMX Club express their gratitude for the support and patronage over the years at the Walkerston Track and remind the community that the Mackay Track is still in full operation with Club nights to continue as normal.

The community are still permitted to use the Walkerston Track for the time being, however, it will no longer be maintained by Mackay & District BMX Club.

Club members can utilise the Mackay Track which is still in full operation

A disappointing result for the Walkerston BMX Track

Photo Credit: Mackay & District BMX Club

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