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Fire Breathing, Blood Spitting, Smoking Guitar Show With Kiss Thiss Tribute Band At Airlie Beach Hotel

“We're a full makeup, full theatrical, Kiss Tribute Show”, founding member of ‘Kiss Thiss’, Lindsay West enthused.
Emulating the legendary concert experience of Kiss, four bandmates ranging from police officers to tradies in their day-to-day lives – deliver a spectacular performance complete with authentic makeup, costumes and even the same guitars used by Kiss.
“We also do the fire breathing, blood spitting and smoking guitar,” Lindsay added.
The band want their audience to have the complete Kiss experience and have all the effects and props to ensure that they get that.
Starting up due to Kiss not touring “all that much”, the die-hard fans created the band which is in its remarkable 21st year, having performed the act since 2003. Lindsay added how the band was a “good outlet” for the members.
The four band-mates are eager to showcase what they have got at the Airlie Beach Hotel where they will be performing their Kiss act, with a few additional non-kiss related songs.
After their main performance, Lindsay added that the band will “scrub their faces and get changed,” for a finishing traditional party cover set.
Lindsay reminisced over the band's highlights this year, which included touring on some international cruise lines and performing at the New Year's Eve Festival in Mackay.
The band are really excited to get over to Airlie Beach and perform at the Airlie Beach Hotel, where Lindsay says they have “never been before.”
Lindsay added, that they are excited to get out of cold Melbourne which is currently “eight degrees,” and come up to the sunny Whitsundays, which he has heard has much better weather.
The band has also been wanting to come and play in Airlie for a long time:
“We have been trying to get up to Airlie for a few years now. Now that we're being given the shot, we hope it's the first of many.”
Head on down to see Kiss Thiss live in action on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th July.

What: Kiss Thiss Tribute Band
Where: Airlie Beach Hotel
When: Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th July from 2pm – 5.30pm
Tickets: You don’t need them! But booking a table is recommended.

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