Thursday, February 23, 2023


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Five Children Stung Provides A Reminder To Wear Stinger Suits

Five children were stung by suspected jellyfish last Sunday while participating in their weekly Nippers surf lifesaving training at Mackay's Eimeo Beach.

This incident occurred nearly one year after a 14-year-old boy died from a box jellyfish sting at the same beach, serving as a reminder why it is imperative to wear protective clothing while swimming in North Queensland surf during the summer.

The children, all under the age of six, were stung in shallow water on their hands and feet, while their stinger suits provided protection to the rest of their bodies.

The children were reported to have been crying with some screaming, with worried parents running into the water to protect them. One mother was also treated for a sting while rescuing her child.

It’s unclear which species of jellyfish is responsible for the stings, but it’s thought they weren’t caused by box jellyfish or Irukandji. However, due to not knowing initially which species was involved, all precautions were taken with five ambulances turning up on scene to treat the stung patients before transporting them to Mackay Base Hospital.

While the patients all suffered discomfort, no major injuries were reported.

Local lifeguards commented that the incident serves as a reminder of the importance of wearing stinger suits and taking precautions in the water.

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