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Floyd Set Free! Sea Turtle Released Back To Wild

A sub-adult Green Sea Turtle was released back into the wild over the weekend, this milestone moment symbolising the collaboration between several entities and the hard work of many volunteers at Eco Barge Cleans Seas.

Floyd was rescued by Port of Airlie Marina staff last month when they noticed he was struggling to swim.

Upon further investigation, it was discovered that Floyd’s front flipper had been entangled with a fishing line, some of which had also been ingested.

Floyd received care at the Turtle Rescue Centre and made an excellent recovery, enabling him to be released back to the ocean on Saturday afternoon.

Upon release, Floyd was fitted with a satellite tracker which was donated by North Queensland Bulk Ports.

This is the first time this technology has been used at the Whitsunday Turtle Rescue Centre and it is already providing critical insights for Eco Barge Clean Seas to study Floyd’s movements, enhance their understanding of Green Sea Turtle behaviour and aid in their conservation efforts.

Libby Edge, founder of Eco Barge Clean Seas said she was thrilled to be involved with Floyd’s release and celebrate this milestone moment with everyone.

“We extend our heartfelt thanks to Port of Airlie Marina and North Queensland Bulk Ports for their invaluable contribution in the rescue, care, and release of Floyd,” she said.

To celebrate the success and ongoing partnership, it was also announced this week that Cruise Whitsundays and Eco barge Clean Seas have partnered together again, both entities dedicated to preserving and conserving the marine and ocean life of the Whitsundays.

"As a non-profit, strong partnerships like this are essential for fulfilling our mission," Libby notes gratefully.

"We are thrilled to continue our collaboration with Cruise Whitsundays, which has been instrumental in our joint efforts, including rescuing turtles from various locations across the Whitsundays.

"We are indeed fortunate to have such unwavering support, which enables us to reach and rescue turtles in remote island locations.”

Liza Muller, Sales and Marketing Manager of Cruise Whitsundays, expresses pride in supporting such a vital local initiative.

She remarks, "Libby and her dedicated team at Eco Barge Clean Seas exhibit immense passion and commitment towards preserving the pristine beauty of the Whitsundays.

“This ethos perfectly aligns with Cruise Whitsundays' dedication to safeguarding the remarkable environment in which we operate."

Eco Barge Clean Seas was established in 2009, a not-for-profit organisation looking to safeguard the marine life and environment of the Whitsunday region, with programs such as marine debris removal, recycling, and repurposing ocean plastics, and providing care and rehibition at their Turtle Rescue Centre.

Since its inception, Eco Barge Clean Seas has successfully removed over 250,160 kilograms of rubbish from the Whitsunday waters.

1: Libby Edge, Founder of Eco Barge Clean Seas holding Floyd with satellite tracker. On the left, a representative from North Queensland Bulk Ports who supplied the tracker. Photo supplied

2: Eco Barge Clean Seas volunteers and Cruise Whitsundays representatives who helped release Floyd over the weekend. Photo supplied

3: The satellite tracker showing where Floyd has been over the last week. Photo supplied.

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