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Food and Fibre Teacher PD in Mackay

Attention all teachers and careers advisors in the Mackay region! This is your last chance to register for the upcoming Primary Industry Education Foundation Australia (PIEFA) Teacher PD workshops.

PIEFA is a not-for-profit organization that aims to provide educators with the resources, knowledge, and skills to teach about Australia’s primary industries, including agriculture, fisheries, forestry, and food and fibre production.

These upcoming workshops in Mackay are designed to equip educators with the latest teaching resources and strategies to support their students on their learning journeys.

“PIEFA’S resources and programs are aligned with Australian and State curriculum, ensuring they are relevant and accessible to teachers across Australia”, PIEFA CEO Luciano Mesiti explains. “This alignment means that educators can incorporate PIEFA’S resources and strategies seamlessly into their teaching, helping students to better understand the role and importance of primary industries to Australia’s economy and society.”

One of PIEFA’s key platforms is the online hub, Primezone, which provides educators with a vast range of teaching resources, including lesson plans, activities, and multimedia content. Primezone’s resources cover a range of subjects, including science, technology, mathematics, and humanities, and are designed to help teachers incorporate food and fibre themes into their lessons.

In addition to Primezone, PIEFA offers a range of other programs, including professional development, online student programs and career portals and research initiatives. Each program aligns with PIEFA’s mission, to help teachers and students build their knowledge and understanding of the processes and career opportunities within our primary industries, as well as to promote sustainable and ethical practices.

Upcoming PIEFA Teacher PD workshops are being held in Cairns and Mackay, QLD, and will be held in the evening with dinner included. Educators will learn more about PIEFA’s resources, while also enjoying the opportunity to network with other teachers over a meal.

Topics covered will include sustainable food and fibre production, as well as the latest developments in technology and innovation in these industries. In addition to these benefits, attending the PIEFA Teacher PD workshops will count towards your professional development requirements, making it a valuable investment in your career as an educator whilst expanding your knowledge and skills.

The workshops are open to all teachers, regardless of your level of experience or subject area. Whether you are a primary teacher or a high school teacher; whether you teach science or humanities – there is something in these workshops for everyone.

FNQ Growers key workforce representative, Leanne Kruss, explains “Learning about Australian agriculture and where our food and fibre comes from is essential for building a sustainable and prosperous future. By gaining an appreciation for the effort and resources required to produce the goods that sustain us, students can become better equipped to contribute to a more sustainable and equitable future”.

MACKAY - Primary Teachers: Monday, March 13 | 5:00-8:00pm @ Shamrock Hotel

MACKAY - Secondary Teachers: Tuesday, March 14 | 5:00-8:00pm @ Shamrock Hotel

Each session will include:

- PIEFA programs and resources

- Workshop session

- The future of agricultural education

- Dinner

To register or for more information, contact Leanne Kruss:

These workshops are proudly sponsored by FNQ Growers, Canegrowers Mackay and the Queensland Agricultural Workforce Network, an initiative funded by the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries and supports QLD agribusiness to attract, train and retain its workforce.

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