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For Nanny, From Isabella – Mackay Girl Donates Hair And Funds

An 11-year-old Mackay girl has donated her hair and $1,200 to two charities this week in memory of her grandmother who passed away in December.

Isabella Baretta gifted roughly 40 centimetres of her strawberry-blonde hair to Variety’s Hair with Heart program and $1,200 to The Trudy Crowley Foundation, a local charity with extreme significance to her late grandmother, Diane Bultitude, Kristy Baretta, Isabella’s mother, said her daughter had donated her hair twice before to the charity, and it had always made her nanny “so proud.”

“Isabella was my mother’s only granddaughter out of 11 grandchildren, which meant she was always very, very proud of Isabella; especially of her donating her hair,” Kristy said.

“People would always comment on Isabella’s hair, and when she was six, she decided to donate it to sick children for wigs, and again when she was eight. That was something which meant a lot to nanny.”

This year, after the passing of her nanny, who was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer five years ago and was assisted by the Trudy Crowley Foundation, which helps those suffering from the disease, Isabella decided to donate her hair one last time and raise funds while doing it.

“It makes me happy to know that I’m doing something really special for nanny,” Isabella said.

On Wednesday, Isabella had her hair cut at The Trudy Crowley Foundation’s monthly meetings surrounded by people extremely important to her nanny.

Her mother, Kristy, said it was the least they could do for such an amazing organisation.

“They go above and beyond what you would expect from an organisation,” Kristy said.

“Rosie, the Foundation nurse, came around when mum was discharged from the hospital and brought her a special cake; they would come and visit her all the time. Mackay is extremely lucky to have a service like that.”

Isabella’s impact has not stopped with just her hair donation and the fundraising, she has inspired other Mackay little girls to do the same.

“One of my best friends from gymnastics wants to donate her hair now,” Isabella said.

“I’ve also inspired my friend, Amani, and two other mums reached out to us and their daughters are donating their hair too.”

And Isabella has contributed to something even greater: creating awareness for Ovarian Cancer, the Trudy Crowley Foundation’s biggest message -- her grandmother would be more than proud.

You can donate to The Trudy Crowley Foundation at the link:

Mackay girl Isabella Baretta donated her hair to charity alongside $1,200 in memory of her grandmother, Diane Bultitude (pictured together)

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