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Forest Of The Fallen Silent Protest In Airlie Beach

By Rachael Smith

A flash mob of protest signs suddenly appeared on the Airlie Beach Foreshore over the weekend when representatives of a movement known as ‘Forest of the Fallen’ publicly displayed photos of people who are believed to have died or been injured following a COVID 19 vaccination.

Dozens of faces told the story of the human toll of the pandemic and the lives believed to have been impacted as a result of adverse effects of the vaccine.

As quickly as the silent protest appeared, however, it then disappeared.

Removed within an hour of its arrival.

The group’s website states that these ‘forests’ are set up and then “left to work its intention on all who are open to witness and interact with it.”

“It is not a protest, it is not a database,” reads the website.

“It is solely a platform where we share only cv19 injection deaths and injuries that I have personally found, only where stories have been publicly shared and published on multiple sources.”

The website also asserts that it is not an “anti-vax” display.

Another Facebook group entitled Forest of the Fallen – Australian Vaccine Injury Claims, however, casts speculation on the validity of the faces in the pictures, stating that some may be false.

“I have spent months trying to verify the validity of the stories, it is very rare to find one that is even true,” said a spokesperson from the group.

“They push the anti vax agenda and while they are called Forest of the Fallen, very few of the stories relate to those who have died.”

Despite questions into the validity of the individual people who featured in the ‘Forest of the Fallen’ protest, there still remains growing concerns that suspected adverse effects from COVID vaccinations has been mishandled by the Department of Health.

Dr Melissa McCann, who has been a local Whitsunday GP for many years, launched a Class Action lawsuit to fight what she believes to be a failing government compensation scheme and unsafe vaccine earlier this year.

Since the vaccination became available, Dr McCann has witnessed an unusually large amount of patients presenting with adverse effects such as chest pain, blood clots, miscarriages and strokes shortly after receiving a COVID vaccination.

Many of these side-effects are not included in the Services Australia Covid Vaccine Claims Scheme and she is asking for people to come forward if they have been impacted.

‘Forest of the Fallen’ – dozens of posters featuring the faces of those believed to have experienced adverse effects of the COVID vaccine. Photo: Facebook

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